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Prof Mukesh Gupta

Professor Animal Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Transge... View Profile

Dr Krishna Pramanik

Professor Nanobiotechnology / Nanomedicine, Biomaterial and ... View Profile

Prof Subhankar Paul

Professor Development of Nano-photocatalyst for Environment ... View Profile

Prof A Thirugnanam

Associate Professor Biomechanics, Biomaterials and Biotransport... View Profile

Prof Bala Chakravarthy Neelapu

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Medical Electronics and Instrumentation ... View Profile

Prof Earu Banoth

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Analogue and Digital Electronics for Bio-Engineers... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kant Avvari

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Biomechanics, Biofluid dynamics, High performance ... View Profile

Dr Prasoon Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Polymeric membranes, additive manufacturing, lab-o... View Profile

Prof Mirza Khalid Baig

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Medical Electronics and Instrumentation ... View Profile

Prof Bibhukalyan Prasad Nayak

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Neuro-muscular Rehabilitation, Neurodegenerative d... View Profile

Prof Kasturi Dutta

Assistant Professor Biochemical and Bioprocess Engineering - Enzyme, B... View Profile

Prof Nivedita Patra

Assistant Professor Bioprocess Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sirsendu Sekhar Ray

Assistant Professor Bioelectronics, Nanotechnology, Material science, ... View Profile

Prof Nandini Sarkar

Assistant Professor Cell and Molecular Engineering, Structure-function... View Profile

Prof Devendra Verma

Assistant Professor Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Wound Healing... View Profile

Prof Balasubramanian P

Assistant Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology ,... View Profile

Dr Anju R Babu

Assistant Professor Biomechanics and Biotransport Engineering, Cardiov... View Profile

Prof Amit Biswas

Assistant Professor Tissue Engineering , Biomaterials, Surface Enginee... View Profile

Prof Angana Sarkar

Assistant Professor Environmental and Plant Biotechnology, Marine Biot... View Profile

Dr Kunal Pal

Assistant Professor Biomaterials, Controlled drug delivery, Tissue Eng... View Profile