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Prof Satish kumar Agarwal

Professor Heat Transfer and Heat Transfer Augmentation, Flui... View Profile

Dr Abanti Sahoo

Professor Coal Chemicals and Fertilizers, Fluidization Engg,... View Profile

Dr Madhushree Kundu

Professor Solution thermodynamics, phase equilibrium and the... View Profile

Dr Susmita Mishra

Professor Biochemical Engineering, Adsorption, Environmental... View Profile

Prof Raghubansh Kumar Singh

Professor Fluidization Engg, Thermodynamics and Chemical Rea... View Profile

Dr Santanu Paria

Professor Nanotechnology, Colloids and Interfacial engineeri... View Profile

Prof Sujit Sen

Associate Professor *Heterogeneous Catalysis-Multiphase Reactions, Pha... View Profile

Dr Basudeb Munshi

Associate Professor Separation Technology (Reactive Distillation), Pro... View Profile

Prof Suverna Trivedi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Heterogeneous catalysts synthesis and characteriza... View Profile

Dr Adhidesh S. Kumawat

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Electrochemistry; Reaction Engineering; ... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Saha

Assistant Professor Material Research, Biodegradable and wearable elec... View Profile

Dr Aditya Kumar

Assistant Professor Thin films, functional coatings, nanomaterials, na... View Profile

Dr Pradip Rath

Assistant Professor waste water treatment, separation processes, atmos... View Profile

Prof Soumya Sanjeeb Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Transport Processes, Heat Transfer, Spray and Atom... View Profile

Prof Hara Mohan Jena

Assistant Professor Transport Processes,Process Dynamics and Control, ... View Profile

Dr Krunal M Gangawane

Assistant Professor Modeling, Simulation and Control, Transpotation Pr... View Profile

Prof Akhilesh Kumar Sahu

Assistant Professor Transport Processes, Thin-film dynamics, Interfaci... View Profile

Prof Arvind Kumar

Assistant Professor Industrial Pollution Abatement, Disaster Manageme... View Profile

Prof Pradip Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Separation and Purification, Photocatalysis and po... View Profile