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Dr Raj Kishore Patel

Professor Sequestration of carbondioxide, Abetment of hazard... View Profile

Dr Rupam Dinda

Professor Synthetic inorganic chemistry, Catalysis.... View Profile

Dr Santanab Giri

Inspire Faculty Gas Uptake Capacity of Metal Organic Framework, Me... View Profile

Dr Saurav Chatterjee

Associate Professor Organometllic Chemistry, Transition metal clusters... View Profile

Dr Niranjan Panda

Associate Professor Natural product synthesis, Heterocyclic Chemistry,... View Profile

Dr Garudadhwaj Hota

Associate Professor Material Chemistry, Mesoporous Material.... View Profile

Dr Braja Gopal Mishra

Associate Professor Heterogeneous catalysis by nanomaterials, Green ch... View Profile

Dr Harekrushna Sahoo

Associate Professor Physical Chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Ionic L... View Profile

Prof Priyabrat Dash

Associate Professor Nanocatalysis, Photocatalysis, Ionic liquid mediat... View Profile

Prof Madhurima Jana

Associate Professor Physical Chemistry, Computational biophysical chem... View Profile

Prof Sasmita Mohapatra

Associate Professor Organic Chemistry , Nanomaterials, Nanotheranostic... View Profile

Prof V Siva Kumar

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Lanthanide Luminescence, Orga... View Profile

Dr Sabita Patel

Assistant Professor Physical-Organic Chemistry, Organic reaction kinet... View Profile

Dr M. Jaya Prakash

Assistant Professor Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Supratim Giri

Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Nanomaterial chemistry ... View Profile

Prof Aparna Mondal

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry , Material science, Nanomateri... View Profile

Prof Usharani Subuddhi

Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Physical Photochemistry and Fl... View Profile

Dr Gokarneswar Sahoo

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Organocatalysis, Natural Produc... View Profile

Prof Sarojalochan Samal

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State and Materials Che... View Profile