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Dr Kanhu Charan Patra

Professor River Hydraulics, Hydrology, Surface and Ground Wa... View Profile

Prof Chittaranjan Patra

Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Slope Stability, Design ... View Profile

Dr. Shishir Kumar Sahu

Professor Structural Dynamics, Composite Structures, Finite ... View Profile

Dr Pradip Sarkar

Professor Seismic Evaluation of Structures, Nonlinear Behavi... View Profile

Dr Kishore Chandra Biswal

Professor Earthquake Resistant Design, Fluid-structures Inte... View Profile

Prof Manoranjan Barik

Professor Structural Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Sof... View Profile

Prof Mahabir Panda

Professor Pavement Engineering, Traffic and Transportation E... View Profile

Ms. Asha Patel

Associate Professor Reinforced Concrete Structures, Industrial Waste U... View Profile

Dr Awadhesh Kumar

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics and Fluidization, Water Resources ... View Profile

Prof Kishanjit Kumar Khatua

Associate Professor River hydraulics, Hydrology, Computational Fluid D... View Profile

Prof Kakoli Karar (Paul)

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Waste Water Management,... View Profile

Dr Sunil Khuntia

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) ... View Profile

Dr Somesh Jena

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Department of Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Subhajit Mondal

Assistant Professor Development of Sustainable Building Material, Stru... View Profile

Prof Mahendra Gattu

Assistant Professor Structural Mechanics, Constitutive Modelling, Stru... View Profile

Prof Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan

Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering , Traffic Engineering ... View Profile

Prof Rabi Narayan Behera

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Shallow Foundation, Geoe... View Profile

Prof Ramakrishna Bag

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Shallow Foundation, Geoe... View Profile

Prof Robin Davis P

Assistant Professor Probabilistic Analysis of Structures, Steel Design... View Profile

Prof Uttam Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Structural Mechanics, Dynamics and Stability... View Profile

Prof Sanat Nalini Sahoo

Assistant Professor Water Resource Engineering , Urban Hydrological A... View Profile

Dr Ujjal Chattaraj

Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering an... View Profile

Dr Anurag Sharma

Assistant Professor Water Resources Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ratnakar Swain

Assistant Professor Surface Hydrology , Flow and Solute Transport Dyna... View Profile