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Prof Santanu Kumar Rath

Professor Software Engineering, System Engineering and Manag... View Profile

Dr Banshidhar Majhi

Professor Image Processing, Programming Languages, Systems P... View Profile

Dr. Ashok Kumar Turuk

Professor Optical Network, Wireless Network, Network Securit... View Profile

Dr Durga Prasad Mohapatra

Professor Software Engineering, Program Slicing, Software Te... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar Jena

Professor Database Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Net... View Profile


Associate Professor Distributed System Fault Diagnosis for diagnosing ... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sa

Associate Professor Intelligent Computing , Computer Vision, Computer ... View Profile

Prof Puneet Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Biomedical Signal and Image Processing... View Profile

Prof Bibhudatta Sahoo

Assistant Professor Communication and Computing, Data Structures, Para... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Ad-h... View Profile

Dr Tapas Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Intelligent Computing and Computer Vision, Communi... View Profile

Dr Vijay Bhaskar Semwal

Assistant Professor Humanoid Robotics, Machine Learning, Soft Computin... View Profile

Prof Anup Nandy

Assistant Professor Network and Secured Computing, Machine Learning, R... View Profile

Prof Bidyut Kumar Patra

Assistant Professor Intelligent Computing and Computer Vision, Data Mi... View Profile

Prof Biri Arun

Assistant Professor Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing, Big... View Profile

Prof Manmath Narayan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Fault Tolerant Systems, Distributed Systems, Wirel... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Algorithm An... View Profile

Prof Ratnakar Dash

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learni... View Profile

Prof Sambit Bakshi

Assistant Professor Intelligent Computing , Social Security and Inform... View Profile

Prof Sumanta Pyne

Assistant Professor Communication and Computing, Low Power VLSI, Embe... View Profile

Prof Suchismita Chinara

Assistant Professor Computer Networks and Data Communications, IoT, Wi... View Profile

Prof Sujata Mohanty

Assistant Professor ntelligent Computing , Computer Vision, Cryptograp... View Profile

Dr Judhistir Mahapatro

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Network and Secured Computin... View Profile

Prof Ruchira Naskar

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Digital Forensics, Multimedi... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Patel

Assistant Professor Network Modeling... View Profile