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Prof Jagabandhu Panda

Associate Professor Mesoscale Meteorology, Tropical cyclones, Remote ... View Profile

Prof Md. Equeenuddin

Associate Professor Geochemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Coal Geo... View Profile

Prof Thungyani N. Ovung

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Igneous Petrolog... View Profile

Prof Bhaskar Kundu

Assistant Professor Geophysics - Tectonic Geodesy, Active tectonics, S... View Profile

Prof Bhishma Tyagi

Assistant Professor Mesoscale Meteorology, Atmospheric Boundary Layer... View Profile

Dr Naresh Krishna Vissa

Assistant Professor Mesoscale meteorology and Air-Sea interaction... View Profile

Prof Rekha S.

Assistant Professor Petrology, Metamorphic petrology, Structural Geolo... View Profile

Prof Sakthi Saravanan Chinnasamy

Assistant Professor Ore and Exploration Geology... View Profile