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Prof Siba Sankar Mahapatra

Professor Operations Management... View Profile

Dr S. Murugan

Professor IC Engine, Energy Engineering, Waste Recycling.... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Satapathy

Professor Thermal Engineering, Two Phase Flow ... View Profile

Dr Alok Satapathy

Professor Thermal Science, Surface Engineering and Materials... View Profile

Prof Samir Kumar Acharya

Professor Composite Materials... View Profile

Prof Dayal Ramakrushna Parhi

Professor Robotics, Machatronics, Machine Design and Vibrati... View Profile

Prof Bijoy Kumar Nanda

Professor Machine Tool Design, Production Engineering, Dampi... View Profile

Prof Chandan Kumar Biswas

Professor Manufacturing Science, Non Conventional Machining,... View Profile

Prof Kalipada Maity

Professor Manufacturing Science, Micro-Machining, Metal Form... View Profile

Prof Prabal Kumar Ray

Professor Mechanical Testing, Prediction, Aluminum Alloys... View Profile

Prof Saroj Kumar Patel

Professor Industrial Engineering, Statistical Quality Contro... View Profile

Prof Sukesh Chandra Mohanty

Professor Machine Dynamics and Robotics, Machine Design, Str... View Profile

Prof Susanta Kumar Sahoo

Professor Manufacturing Science, Metal Forming, Laser Materi... View Profile

Prof Saurav Datta

Associate Professor Modeling and Optimization of Production Processes ... View Profile

Prof Subrata Kumar Panda

Associate Professor Vibration and Control, Nonlinear FEM, Functionally... View Profile

Prof Jonnalagadda Srinivas

Associate Professor Machine Dynamics and Robotics, Machine Vibration, ... View Profile

Prof Rabindra Kumar Behera

Associate Professor Machine Dynamics and Robotics, Machine Design and ... View Profile

Prof Bukke Kiran Naik

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Energy and Buildings , Energy-Water Nexus , Thermo... View Profile

Dr Suman Ghosh

Assistant Professor Multi phase fluid flow, Heat transfer, Heat Exchan... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Moharana

Assistant Professor Fluid flow, Heat transfer ... View Profile

Dr S Anbarasu

Assistant Professor Hydrogen storage and applications, Heat transfer r... View Profile

Prof Suraj Kumar Behera

Assistant Professor Solid mechanics, machine design... View Profile

Dr Soumya Gangopadhyay

Assistant Professor Advanced PVD coatings for cutting tools, Metal cut... View Profile

Dr Sushil Kumar Rathore

Assistant Professor Thermo-Fluid Flow, Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfe... View Profile

Prof Amitesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering Division, CFD, Turbulence Mod... View Profile

Prof Anirban Mitra

Assistant Professor Stress Analysis and Tribology, Machine Design Divi... View Profile

Prof Haraprasad Roy

Assistant Professor Machine Dynamics and Robotics, Rotor Dynamics ... View Profile

Prof Jnana Ranjan Senapati

Assistant Professor Thermo-Fluid Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, N... View Profile

Prof Manoj Masanta

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Science, Surface Engineering and Coa... View Profile

Prof Sandhyarani Biswas

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Science, Composite Materials, Produc... View Profile

Dr Kaustav Chaudhury

Assistant Professor Thermo-Fluid Flow, Industrial and Environmental Fl... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar

Assistant Professor Thermo-Fluid Flow, Bio-heat Transfer, Radiative He... View Profile

Dr P S Balaji

Assistant Professor Vibration Control, Unconventional Machining proce... View Profile

Dr Kishore Singh Patel

Assistant Professor CFD, Multiphase flows, Biofluid Mechanics, Cryogen... View Profile