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Dr. Bankim Chandra Ray

Professor Polymer Composites... View Profile

Dr. Subhash Chandra Mishra

Professor Plasma Spraying... View Profile

Prof Anindya Basu

Professor Physical Metallurgy, Surface Engineering... View Profile

Dr Bipin Bihari Verma

Professor Mechanical Metallurgy, Fracture Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Smarajit Sarkar

Professor Metal matrix composites, Industrial Metallurgy ... View Profile

Dr Mithilesh Kumar

Professor Process Mettallurgy ... View Profile

Prof Upendra Kumar Mohanty

Professor Process Metallurgy... View Profile

Dr. Sudipta Sen

Associate Professor Physical Metallurgy... View Profile

Prof Debasis Chaira

Associate Professor Nanomaterials, Physical Metallurgy, Composites ... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Mondal

Associate Professor Light metals, Mechanical Behaviour ... View Profile

Prof Archana Mallick

Associate Professor Advanced Materials Processing, Thin Solid Films... View Profile

Prof Santosh Kumar Sahoo

Associate Professor Crystallographic Texture, Plastic Deformation, Mic... View Profile

Dr Swapan Kumar Karak

Assistant Professor Nanostructured materials, Composites, ODS Alloys, ... View Profile

Dr Krishna Dutta

Assistant Professor Mechanical Metallurgy ... View Profile

Prof Anshuman Patra

Assistant Professor Nanostructured Materials, High Temperature Materia... View Profile

Dr D Nagarajan

Assistant Professor Incremental Sheet Forming, Sheet Metal Forming Pro... View Profile

Dr Syed Nasimul Alam

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Compoistes, Materials Characterizat... View Profile

Prof Natraj Yedla

Assistant Professor Materials Modeling-deformation behavior of metalli... View Profile

Dr Snehanshu Pal

Assistant Professor Computational Materials Engineering, Atomistic Mo... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Assistant Professor Composite materials, Mechanical behaviour, Environ... View Profile

Prof Ajit Behera

Assistant Professor Surface Engineering, Advanced Materials, Thin Film... View Profile

Prof Ram Sajeevan Maurya

Assistant Professor Physical Metallurgy, Oxide Dispersion Strengthened... View Profile