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Dr Dhrubananda Behera

Professor High Temperature Superconductors, Low Temperature ... View Profile

Dr Biplab Ganguli

Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Computationa... View Profile

Dr Simanchalo Panigrahi

Professor Solid State Physics, Material Science, Ferroelectr... View Profile

Dr Sidhartha S Jena

Associate Professor Soft Matter, Structure and dynamics of gels, Polym... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kumar

Associate Professor Synthesis and Characterizations of Bulk, Thin and ... View Profile

Prof Prakash Nath Vishwakarma

Associate Professor Low Temperature Physics, Low Temperature, Multifer... View Profile

Prof Jyoti Prakash Kar

Associate Professor Functional Material, Thin Electronic Films, High-k... View Profile

Dr. Dillip Kumar Bisoyi

Associate Professor Saxs (Small Angle X-Ray Scattering), X-Ray Charact... View Profile

Dr Indrani Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Gravitation, Astrophysics, Cosmology... View Profile

Prof Abhay Pratap Yadav

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Astrophysics... View Profile

Prof Datta Sanjoy Datta

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Condensed Matter ... View Profile

Prof Suryanarayan Dash

Assistant Professor Low Temperature Physics, Magnetism, Multiferroics ... View Profile

Prof Mithun Biswas

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, Biophysics, soft matter physi... View Profile

Dr Subhash Chandra Mahapatra

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, String theory and high energy... View Profile

Dr Susanta Kumar Bisoi

Assistant Professor Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Space Physics and Pla... View Profile

Prof Sasmita Mishra

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physi... View Profile

Prof Pitamber Mahanandia

Assistant Professor Functional Material, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene,Ph... View Profile

Prof Amit Rai

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, Quantum optics, nano and quan... View Profile

Prof Ananta Charan Pradhan

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics - ... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Low Temperature Physics, Multiferroics, Ferroelect... View Profile

Prof Dillip Kumar Pradhan

Assistant Professor Functional Material, Ferroelectrics, Magnetoelectr... View Profile

Dr Ashok Bera

Inspire Faculty Solar cells, Photo-detectors, Photo-thermal water ... View Profile

Dr Bijay Krishna Chaudhury

Visiting Professor Functional Material ... View Profile